Room Freshener Spray - Cassis & Fig
Room Freshener Spray - Cassis & Fig
Room Freshener Spray - Cassis & Fig
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Room Freshener Spray - Cassis & Fig

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Room Spray - Cassis & Fig

A fruity woody accord of fig and cedarwood, plum and coconut.

Room Sprays quickly add fragrance to the air and create a more tranquil atmosphere for your home with a gentle, yet powerful scented mist which is available in a number of fragrances.  Our room sprays are made with a silicone based oil and will evaporate quickly.

Small is approx 50ml

If spraying on fabrics, such as curtains or sofas, please ensure that you test a small area first.  We do not recommend using on fine fabric such as silk.  

Whilst the base ingredients we use are skin safe, we do not recommend or advocate spraying this product directly onto your skin due to the concentration of the fragrance oils.  These are much higher than the levels permitted in body care products, and may cause a reaction!

* Do not spray near your face or eyes

* Do not expose to heat or flames

Important :- As the base ingredient is silicone based, it may cause the floor to become slippery.  Please take care when using.

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