Loyalty Rewards Scheme

*** IMPORTANT *** 
The loyalty reward points will be awarded 2-3 days after purchases are completed.  You will receive an email confirming the points you have been awarded once they have been processed.

Reward points will only be awarded to account holders.  Purchases made via the guest checkout will not receive points

Follow us on Facebook = 20 Apples awarded

Create a store account = 50 Apples awarded

 £1 spent = 1 Apple awarded

Regular Customer Visits = 5 Apples awarded per week

Each customer that creates an account will have their own referral link.  Share this link with all of your friends and family.  If a purchase is made via your link you will be awarded 150 Apples.

Points will expire after 1 year

1 Apple = £0.01 in store credit
Decide whether to save or spend your points during checkout.  No cash alternative

Apples can be redeemed at any time, and for 100% of your order value, but please be aware that there is a £5 minimum order.

This scheme can be withdrawn at any time