Halloween Wax Melt Pot Collection

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Halloween Wax Melt Pots

Each wax melt pot contains 6x individual segments. Each segment will provide approx 5-8 hours of gorgeous fragrance.

Pots measure approx 65mm across x 20mm deep. Made using a blend of soy and rapeseed wax.

To use these melts, you simply snap off a single segment, remove from the packaging and pop it in the dish at the top of the burner. Place a tealight in the bottom and light it. The heat will melt the wax and release the fragrance. Also suitable with bulb electric wax melters above 35w.

You will receive a boxed set containing 6 Halloween inspired wax melt pots in :-

* Pumpkin Spice

* Vampire Blood

* Zombie Breath

* Witches Brew

* Hubble Bubble

* Candy Corn

Please note that the burner is not included.