Apple Blossom & Peony Wax Melt Pot

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Apple Blossom & Peony

An absolutely stunning floral fragrance, opening with red apple blossom and peony, giving way to rose, jasmine and lily and finishing on a delicate base of vanilla.

Each wax melt pot contains 6x individual segments. 

To use these melts, you simply snap off a single segment, remove from the packaging and pop it in the dish at the top of the burner. Place a tealight in the bottom and light it. The heat will melt the wax and release the fragrance.  Also suitable with bulb electric wax melters above 35w. 

Pots measure approx 65mm across x 20mm deep.

Each segment will provide approx 5-8 hours of gorgeous fragrance.

Please note that the burner is not included.